whoops there it is….

I was wide awake one night watching a very old Gulliana and Bill episode, the one where she heard she had breast cancer…. I am talking 2am… So I think to myself, “Petra you should check yourself”. You see I just stopped breastfeeding (2 years) and it didn’t even cross my mind. So there I was in bed at 2am feeling my boobs….

It was like a little marble, hard and very round and not painful….I thought nothing, I mean I litraly thought and felt nothing, my mind was black not blank just black. The next morning I phoned a friend who has had breast cancer years before and is at the head of Cansa in Mombasa. She very calmly said I am sending you a patologist nr go and see her.

I offcourse said nothing to my husband, on we went for a two week holiday to Tanzania camping on the beach with our toddler. The night before we were heading back I told him and had by that time already secured an appointment with the pathologist.

So we went in and she did FNA…..

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