tongue tied and eyes wide

After a few days of getting use to the idea of saying mastectomy and after getting around to googling it, I started telling friends and family and soon realize I need to be sure of my decision. Peoples natural instinct is to help, they want to give advise and tell you about a relative of a friend or whoever who has either had a mastectomy or died of breast cancer or is going through chemo.

So it was scary to get to that point where no matter how many people meant well and gave “good” advice I had to do what was right for me. You see, many people don’t realize that you cannot keep your nipples, well you can but there are several risk factors that makes the whole aim of a mastectomy irrelevant. You do not want to leave any breast tissue in there and when you leave your nipples they need a small amount of breast tissue so they can have blood supply.

So I set out two very clear surgery plans for myself…..

I will keep my nipples only if they are able to do a nipple delay procedure.

I will not risk reattachment during the reconstruction.

Once I made that clear in my mind I found myself more grounded and more centered to handle all the “good” advice.

I was at this point not yet sure where I would do the operation. It came to me one morning at 4am while I was not able to sleep and couldn’t stop feeling bad about what this will do to my toddler if we all had to go to South Africa for the operation. You see I have been trying to contact several Drs there and was made to feel that I was a huge inconvenience to them. Non of them wanted to have a conversation over the phone with me and only one ever emailed me back.

So one morning at 4am I woke up my husband and said: “why don’t I do the procedure in Nairobi?”

The next morning my hubby got on the phone and called a dear family friend and top Dr in his field for some advice and by 6pm that evening both suggested surgeons had CALLED ME and scheduled a meeting for the following week in Nairobi….. just amazing!

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