there is a time for everything

And finally the day has come that I got my date for both surgeries and it’s so soon and so far away all at the same time. I have tricked my body and my mind to respond to any mention of the operation in excitement. So anytime someone asked me when I am going, I get all giddy and happy and blurt out the date.

I have gone into overdrive ocd mode…. i am annoying myself and everyone around me. I am making list of what food needs to be pre cooked and froze and what fruits and veg has to be bought on what days and gave the list of fruits and veg to the shop owner to pre pack and call when it’s ready for collection. I have pre ordered fish for every fish day and made sure it gets delivered. I have color coded my toddlers snacks and drinks and then spent an hour removing it, cause my house keeper looked at me with dismay…

All and all I am ready…..ready to leave home for a few days, ready to leave my toddler in the very capable hands of my hubby, ready to leave knowing they are having a well balanced diet…..ready for everything apart from the surgery and the recovery and the days without my family….. but i still have time to get ready. I just need to sort and plan and schedule and construct and micro manage….. i just need to sit still and deal with it and make peace and go!

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