The hanky

I have a special secret weapon that gives me super powers and makes me invincible….

I have a super duper special shield that nothing can penetrate.

Years ago I took a hanky out of my dad’s pocket. He always has one in his pocket and had it at the ready when ever it was needed.

I have never washed this hanky and I have never unfolded it either. I simple hold it and smell it when times get rough!

This hanky as been at my side throughout this whole time and in that way so has my dad. He is the kindest, bravest, strongest and I get to keep that for me whenever I need it.

I am going home tomorrow and while I was packing I wondered if I should pack it back into my bag….i looked at it, held it, smelled it and for the first time I had a good cry. My shield is so soft it dries my tears and wipes my cheeks and for the first time it doesn’t smell just of my dad…. it smells of when my dad use to have his hanky at the ready for anything and this is my anything.

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