Would you believe it they left the mole…..they left the freaking mole! I have had the most annoying mole on the side of my nipple and the surgeon left it there. It was one of the first things I asked when they did the dressing change and it wasn’t seen because of the silver stains on and around my cuts.

Today I managed to get a large piece of the stained skin clean and there it was….like a big turd on a beautiful green lawn….. the freaking mole in all its glory.

I had to just laugh at the irony. I can only laugh at how the fact that I have no nipples and nothing resembling boobs doesn’t phase me in the least, but the fact that the mole, the freaking asshol mole, stayed behind had my panties in a twist hahahahaha.

Feels great to laugh at myself hahahah. It feels great to laugh about normal things in an abnormal situation. It feels great to be alive and now I can see the light again. I don’t need to be sulking and sad and depressed. I am the master of my own happyness destiny and I am gonna make it count!!!!

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