I had my operation today. The worst part is over! I hope! I am so blessed to be able to declare victory over this battle, I might not have won the war but the battle’s victory is written on my chest! Beautiful scars and an amazing experience to see how many nurses come in to see me all the time and they want me to explain over and over why I am doing it.

I don’t feel anything how I expected! I don’t feel that a part of me is gone and I dont feel sad TODAY. It might still come but today is a good day. My sadest two moments was saying bye to my loves at the airport and the other when my mom said: “I am trying to enlarge the photo of you post opp so I can hold you…”

Made me cry and cry and cry!

Life hands you all kinds of things, and after hearing a precious friends childhood story yesterday, I once again realized that I am so lucky. I don’t feel brave because I didn’t fight cancer! I took the easy way out!

I love myself boobs or no boobs!

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