back home not alone

So going through this is seriously easy, the hard part is seeing your husband going through it and your family. The hard part is convincing that lady you saw in town who heard from someone what is going on and trying to tell you to just wait and see….you kinda feel like saying: Are you fu*cking nuts? Wait and see when I get cancer….you must be joking! Instead you smile and say politely, thanks for the advise and you head for the door, leaving your shopping behind and run for the safety of your car.

The hard part is seeing you husband worry and hearing the hope that maybe they don’t have to do the double mastectomy when I go for my consultation with the surgeons, the hard part, heart breaking, black soul and raw heart part. The part that will never recover, the part that will be cut away like your breast, that hard part that eats away at your strength and leaves you breathless and with your head in the pillow at 2 am crying like a woman looking at her heart broken husband asleep. But going through this is seriously easy!

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