69ner not just for sex

As could be expected the blood tests came back abnormal. Off to the gynecologist I go… After tests and blood tests and antibiotics and more tests and scans they found my 69ner. A small tumor in my uterus. Again the options….. take a sample….we all know how that turned out with my boobs…. Multiplication station

Or get pregnant and then remove the uterus with birth. That was the most appealing option and the one that might have changed everything.

3rd option was remove the uterus and cervix as soon as possible as it’s a very active growth and it wasn’t looking good.

So I took the 3 options and drove home over the ferry in a haze of despair and sadness, I really wanted it to be not so bad and not so urgent and not so dooming.

Just to put things into perspective…. These tests started in January and the final results was middle February and I kept it to myself the whole time. Not wanting to upset my hubby or make him feel even more like I am a bird with a broken wing.

When I got home that evening it wasn’t the time. Hubby was heading out with his friends and I couldn’t find the courage to ask him to stay and listen to what is happening to me, but I promised myself I will tell him the next day even if he was in a bad mood.

So I took my little princess for a bath and made her dinner and put her to bed and cried for an hour or two……

Woke up and got my shit together to present my 3 options

  • Sample
  • Babe
  • mute

69ner isn’t just for sex but I suspect this news isn’t gonna get me any 69ners soon…..

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June 11, 2019 at 6:32 am

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