Read a powerful first hand account of a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy


Petra shares her journey and the ups and downs that came along the journey


Read how the mastectomy impacted Petra and her family especially her “toto”


Read Petra’s Story along with professional photos of the mastectomy

The Story

Petra’s story of a Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy from beginning to end

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whoops there it is….

I was wide awake one night watching a very old Gulliana and Bill episode, the one where she heard she had breast cancer…. I am talking 2am… So I think to myself, “Petra you should check yourself”. You see I just stopped breastfeeding (2 years) and it didn’t even cross my mind. So there I…

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F what N A

So after the longest 2 days of my life (apart from the two weeks I was on bedrest to keep my baby in till 36 weeks) I get an email saying there is no cancer but the results are not looking good. So in goes the 2 year old, the husband and me into the…

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back home not alone

So going through this is seriously easy, the hard part is seeing your husband going through it and your family. The hard part is convincing that lady you saw in town who heard from someone what is going on and trying to tell you to just wait and see….you kinda feel like saying: Are you…

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One of very few blogs and insights into this life changing surgery on the internet. Read Petra’s Story of Strength, Pain & HappYness